The White Heron Tea & Gifts

Our policy for Service Animals is as follows:
The White Heron Tea & Gifts understands the needs of our guests and does everything it can to accommodate their needs when visiting our establishment.
That being said, The White Heron Tea & Gifts (KB Hackman, Inc) has the following policy in regards to Service Animals. 
Florida's service animal law applies to animals that are trained to do work or perform tasks for someone with a physical, mental, psychiatric, sensory, or intellectual disability. 
The ADA defines a service animal as a dog that is individually trained to perform tasks or do work for the benefit of a person with a disability. 
Neither law covers pets or "emotional support animals", animals that provide a sense of safety, companionship, and comfort to those with psychiatric or emotional disabilities or conditions.
Under the ADA and Florida law, owners of public accommodations, including restaurants and retail establishments, are not required to allow emotional support animals, only service animals.
It is the policy of The White Heron Tea & Gifts to follow the law according to the ADA and the state of Florida. Therefore, we recognize trained service dogs and welcome them into our establishment.  Currently, "emotional support animals" or other animals of any kind are not permitted in our establishment.
It is the policy of The White Heron Tea & Gifts to review any paperwork or documentation for any service animal before allowing admittance into the establishment.
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