We, at The White Heron Tea & Gifts, are very excited

to announce the opening of our Tea Parlour. 

Located within our gift shop, the Tea Parlour is a

place for you to enjoy a Pot of Tea or Cream Tea in

a relaxed setting, without reservations. 

So, after that long day out shopping with your girlfriends, or on a day when you just need to get away, stop in to the Tea Parlour and enjoy a nice hot pot of relaxing tea.

                                                                Our Tea Parlour is open

                                                                 Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm

                                                                                 *the last seating time for the Parlour is 4 pm

                                                                              The Parlour is first come first served.

*Full tea service, including the Afternoon Tea, Lunch Tea, Tea House Salad, Desserts, and Prince/Princess Teas are not available in the Tea Parlour and require reservations for the  full-service tea room.


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The Tea Parlour

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