Our Teas.....
Grown in some of the most lush regions in the world, The White Heron is

proud to bring our guests an abundance of high  quality flavorful teas.  Packaged

under our own private label, Driftwood Tea Company, we proudly offer many different varieties of tea including: black, green, chai, rooibos, and herbal. 

Each of our teas are hand selected by our Certified Tea Specialist (one of three in the state of Florida).  Special care is given to the selection of flavors and types of tea we offer.  The White Heron has a tea for everyone, even the "non-tea" drinker.

​Teas are sold by 2 ounce packages for $8.95,  4 ounce packages for $16.95, and 15 pack sachets for $9.95 (Prices effective November 23, 2020)

​A complete list of our tea is available at online at


                                                          Why Driftwood? 

                                         Many people ask why we named our tea brand Driftwood Tea Company.  The answer is quite simple and elegant.  Have you ever seen a beautiful piece of driftwood, one that has been battered and bruised by the ocean (or any body of water), only to be turned into a beautiful sculpture, a piece of art?  

Tea is a lot like that piece of wood, getting battered by the water, only to make something so beautiful and that we all love.  It seems only fitting that when the leaves and the water meet each other to make tea the process is called "The Agony of the Leaves."  It's a chance for leaves (what ever type they may be), change within the water to create flavor that we later get to sip and enjoy. 

The tea leaves are very similar to that piece of wood.  It's starts off in raw form, and with the help of water, turns into something beautiful.

The White Heron 

an Elegant tea experience 

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